We happily take consignments, even if you owe a balance. Here are the guidelines:
  • 2000 model year and newer
  • All safety features must work
  • Clean and detailed
  • Less then 130K miles
  • Have at least half a tank of gas
  • Must be priced NADA Blue Book or less
  • Must look and drive great
  • Have good tires and glass
  • No warning lights on dash
  • You will need to keep insurance on the vehicle until it sells
  • Our commission is 9% for selling prices over $10,000
  • Commission for selling prices under $10,000 is 10% with a $500 minimum.

Older cars that don't qualify for consignment can be sold at the wholesale auction. Here are the guidelines:

  • The vehicle will make it to South Seattle
  • Have enough gas to get it there
  • Have it as clean as you want to sell it
  • Our charge is $250 to drive the car to Kent, and an additional fee for the auction house of about $200, based on percentage